Product Donations

General Product Donations

Every year, P&G facilities receive donation requests for products and other items from consumers, external organisations, P&G employees, customers, teachers, students and other groups all over the world. While the global scope of our business elicits numerous requests for assistance, it is economically impossible to take part in all the opportunities brought to our attention.

There is no fair way to select some groups for assistance without denying others that are equally deserving. So after careful research, P&G has determined the best way to handle product donations is through our existing corporate social responsibility programmes and to work through pre-identified, capable partner organisations that have the facilities, scale, and training required to distribute significant quantities of donated product to nonprofit affiliated agencies within each country.

In South Africa, the primary organisations we have chosen to work with is Gift of the Givers and Food Forward SA. Gift of the Givers specialises in disaster relief, and their assistance is purely humanitarian and unconditional. They assist irrespective of race, religion, colour, class, political affiliation or geographical boundary. Food Forward works with over 600 beneficiary organisations to distribute essential items to more than 250 000 beneficiaries.

Conferences and Conventions

P&G does not make donation of product for conferences or conventions.