Our Objective

Working toward our vision

We have set a long-term vision to power all our plants with 100% renewable energy, use 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging, have zero manufacturing and consumer waste go to landfills and design products that delight consumers while maximizing the conservation of resources. We have set a series of short-term goals to ensure we are on track to deliver against our long-term vision. For detailed information about this progress, check out our latest citizenship report here.

We want people who choose P&G brands to know that our products are created with a commitment to sustainability. From formulation, to manufacturing, to package design and shipment, our products are made responsibly and without trade offs in performance or value.

We believe in actions speaking louder than words, which is why we consistently deliver products and programs that demonstrate progress on our citizenship efforts. For example, we are driving efforts in:

  • Compacted laundry detergents, less bulky diapers, and products that reduce materials, energy usage and waste
  • Manufacturing operations with zero waste to landfills and less energy and water usage
  • Cold water washing that conserves energy, reduces CO2 emissions
  • The P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water program that has delivered more than 9 billion liters of clean, safe drinking water
  • Brand programs that provide essential products to help thousands of people in need when disaster strikes around the world
  • Brand programs that inspire and empower women and girls so they realize their full potential 
  • Ensuring that our employee base represents the diverse group of consumers we serve
These efforts are helping us meet consumer needs and make a positive environmental and social impact.

Climate, Water, Waste

Our strategy is to make a positive impact by focusing on three core areas:


Climate change poses complex challenges that will require a wide range of strategies and solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For P&G, this means we are striving to reduce energy consumption associated with our plants and products, use less carbon intense raw materials and energy, and ensure that sourcing of key commodities like palm and pulp are not contributing to deforestation.


With the current water situation in the world today, we have an obligation not only to reduce the water we use in the manufacturing phase but also to help educate consumers about water consumption when they use our products. We achieved our short-term goal of a 20% water reduction in our manufacturing sites and are focusing our conservation efforts in water-stressed regions.


We are committed to reducing waste in our manufacturing sites. More than half our sites are zero waste to landfill, and we continue to look for ways to improve our packaging to reduce waste and ensure it can be recycled.