Working to make good things in smaller packages

P&G is home to some of the world’s most trusted brands. Our goal to bring you that same superior quality in less packaging.

Packaging goals

Packaging protects our products and provides important safety and use information. P&G puts just as much thought and research into our packaging as we do our products. We are always making improvements, so our containers are as efficient and sustainable as possible while still delivering against key performing criteria.

Our 2020 packaging stewardship goals include:

  • Reducing packaging by 20% per consumer use
  • Doubling our use of recycled resin in plastic packaging
  • Ensuring 90% of our packaging is recyclable or there are programs in place to develop the ability to recycle it

Less packaging

Reduce packaging by 20% per consumer use by 2020.

Our goal is to reduce packaging by 20% per consumer use by 2020. During the past year we experienced market driven headwinds that impeded progress versus our goal. In some key markets, customer requests for smaller case counts increased the amount of corrugate usage per consumer use of product. We also shifted some products to smaller size packaging to better meet consumer needs, which also increased the amount of packaging per consumer use. However, through our ongoing focus on packaging efficiency and several packaging design breakthroughs, we were able to offset these headwinds and deliver an 11% reduction per consumer use versus our 2010 baseline. Some examples of breakthroughs from this year include:

  • Our Hair Care business in Europe transitioned to caseless shipping through some supply chains by eliminating the use of corrugate for transportation.
  • The Baby Care business in Latin America launched Pampers Pants in a flexible film bundle with a robust pallet stacking design. This significantly reduces the amount of corrugate material needed. This bundle and pallet design is being rolled out to other regions.
  • Our Family Care business is working with consumers to design larger rolls of Bounty and Charmin. Consumers have fewer roll changes, and we deliver more consumer uses per amount of packing material used.

While we expect the same headwinds to persist during FY 16/17, we will maintain a strong focus on optimizing packaging design and evaluating opportunities to not only source reduce, but also increase our use of recycled resin and increase recyclability.

Working to make good things in smaller packages

More recycled resin in plastic packaging

Double our use of recycled resin (post-consumer resin) in our plastic packaging by 2020.

By 2020, we will need to use 52,000 metric tons of post-consumer resin. In FY 15/16, we used about 34,100 tons of post-consumer resin in our plastic packaging putting us about 30% of the way to hitting our goal. We accomplished this through:

  • Using more recycled resin in our Fabric Care, Home Care, and Hair Care packaging, mostly in North America.
  • Working with our suppliers in Europe to develop the capability to use recycled resin material in our Fabric Care and Home Care bottles in Europe.
  • Expanding the use of recycled resin material in markets where we already have the capability, as well as developing new capabilities in other markets.
  • Working with industry partners, trade organizations and others to ensure a healthy recycling value chain is in place.

We also know that this cannot be done alone and have formed partnerships and collaborated with industry leaders to promote positive change.

We continue to partner with the Closed Loop Fund to promote the creation more recycling infrastructures in the U.S. To date, the CLF has made investments close to $30 million in capital and has helped improve recycling efforts in Iowa, Tennessee, Colorado, Minnesota and Florida.

We are also members of the Recycling Partnership, an industry collaboration helping to transform recycling programs in towns across America.

As a member of Petcore Europe, the Brussels-based association representing the PET value chain in Europe we work with them to ensure that the PET industry and its associations are aligned to deliver increased value and sustainable growth of the PET value chain - from PET rein producers to packaging manufacturers, recyclers and other value chain members.

P&G is a member of the sustainable Packaging Coalition and is actively working to inspire consumers to recycle.