Reducing and concerving 

As a global citizen, we are concerned about the negative consequences of climate change. We believe industry, governments, and consumers can work together to reduce emissions to protect the atmosphere. 

P&G Climate Change Position Statement

April 2015

P&G recognizes the scientific consensus linking greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. As a global citizen, we are concerned about the negative consequences of climate change and believe prudent and cost-effective action by governments, industry, and consumers to reduce emissions to the atmosphere are necessary.  We are committed to doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and are focusing our efforts in the following areas:

  1. Reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from our own operations through:

    • Driving energy efficiency measures throughout our facilities
    • Transitioning fuel sources toward cleaner alternatives
    • Driving more energy-efficient modes of transporting finished products to our customers
  2. Helping consumers to reduce their own GHG emissions through the use of our products via:

    • Product and packaging innovations that enable more efficient consumer product use and energy consumption
    • Consumer education to reduce GHG emissions such as the benefits of using cold water for machine washing
  3. Partnering with external stakeholders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain, including:

    • Ensuring our sourcing of renewable commodities does not contribute to deforestation
    • Developing renewable material replacements for petroleum derived raw materials

We have established goals to drive progress in the areas outlined above and will publicly report progress against our goals, as well as our GHG emissions and energy consumption data, via our annual sustainability report.