At P&G, water is of crucial importance for both the production and use of our products. Thus, our approach to water aims at responsible use by both our Company and the consumers who use our products.

P&G respects the 2010 United Nations General Assembly resolution which recognizes the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights. In all countries in which we operate, we will help ensure the sustainable use of water by abiding to the policy as outlined below:

1. Quality

The Company will continually improve our operations to preserve the quality of water in the communities in which we operate. The Company is also committed to a long-term, not-for-profit social and emergency relief effort to provide safe drinking water in the developing world aimed at reducing illness and death, particularly in children.

2. Availability

The Company is committed to sustainable water management by both our operations and consumer use of our products. This commitment includes water reduction goals, use of new technologies, product innovation using a lifecycle approach and siting decisions using a watershed approach.

3. Affordability

The Company understands that water use may affect affordability. Thus we are committed to water efficiency and sustainable use of water by our operations. We will also seek innovative ways to reduce water use by our consumers as well as educate them about the opportunity to save water. This will positively impact the cost of water to the Company, our consumers and the communities in which we operate.

4. Information

The Company will make available relevant and appropriate factual information about our water use. The Company is also committed to raising the awareness of water-related issues with our consumers, stakeholders and business partners with the aim of sustainable water use. We support external efforts to better understand key water-related issues with external partners, NGOs, associations and communities as well as support stewardship initiatives, standardization and measurements/reporting tools.

5. Legal Compliance

The Company will meet or exceed all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements with respect to water quality and consumption.