Ethics & Compliance

P&G is a company of purpose and values. Holding ourselves to the highest standard of ethics is crucial to our success.

Ethics & Compliance Reporting

We deeply value feedback—especially when we’re notified by someone of an allegation, finding, report, event or discovery that suggests that there may have been a violation of: 1) the law; 2) our Worldwide Business Conduct Manual (WBCM); or 3) a Company policy.

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An Environment of Trust

P&G is committed to creating an environment that fosters open communication. We encourage employees to report all known or suspected violations, and will not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who reports them in good faith.

Staffed by an independent third party, the WBCM Helpline provides an anonymous way to report concerns about potential violations. Anyone can contact the WBCM Helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports to the Helpline can be completely anonymous. However, we may conduct a more thorough investigation if we can communicate with the person who contacted us. If someone prefers to remain anonymous, they’ll be given a confidential identification number so they can inquire about the status of their reported concern.

What to Report

Please report potential violations of: 1) the law; 2) our Worldwide Business Conduct Manual (WBCM) or 3) a Company policy. See the Worldwide Business Conduct Manual for reference if needed. For common inquiries, not related to Business Conduct issues, we’ve included help links and resources here:

Report a Concern

  • By Phone:
  • US, Canada, PR: 1-800-683-3738

    All Other locations: For Direct Access Dialing, please go to, and then find the DA Code which corresponds with your country. After dialing the Direct Access code, you should hear a tone and/or a recorded voice saying, “AT&T.” After you hear this tone, dial 800-381-8360 to be connected to the WBCM Helpline.

  • By Email:

  • By Postal Mail:
  • WBCM Helpline
    P&GPMB, 3767, 13950 Ballantyne Corporate Place
    Charlotte, NC 28277

    Consumer Complaints

    Please refer to specific Brand website, or product package.

Additional Reporting Resources

Company Ethics Committee
Responsible for maintenance, oversight and final interpretation of the Worldwide Business Conduct Manual.

Corporate Secretary
An Officer of P&G and a member of the Company’s Legal Division.