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P&G World Business Conduct Manual (WBCM)

Doing the right thing

The WBCM contains the global standards necessary to uphold our Purpose, Values, and Principles. It provides guidance on situations we may face and offers resources for questions or concerns.

Operating with integrity

How we operate as a company and as individuals is based on the principle of doing the right thing. It’s the reason consumers trust us, partners do business with us, and shareholders invest in us.

This guiding philosophy is reflected in our purpose, values, and principles (PVPs). We believe our continued success depends on everyone doing their part to uphold our PVPs in the decisions we make each day.

Our Worldwide Business Conduct Manual articulates the global standards we expect from our daily business activities, and our legal and ethical responsibilities. We must follow these standards and the law at all times. This manual applies to all employees and members of the Board of Directors, regardless of location, seniority level, business unit, function, or region. We also expect suppliers and other business partners to comply with the relevant aspects of our WBCM.

Download the P&G Worldwide Business Conduct Manual (PDF)