Many brands. One goal.

We're proud to bring some of the most trusted brands to nearly 70% of the global population. For each of our brands, we’re committed to offering superior performance and value with a smaller environmental footprint.   

We want consumers to love our brands not just for how wonderful they work but also because consumers know that our brands are made with sustainability in mind. We have integrated sustainability into our business practices, operations, innovation, brand building and culture.

Our Brands: Making Your Footprint Smaller

We include sustainability into every aspect of our products—from initial design to manufacturing to packaging to social impact.

We look at the entire life cycle of a product to better understand where the impact of the product is and where we can make improvements.

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Bringing Sustainability Home

Tide purclean™

Cleaning brands have always faced the same challenge: how to be more sustainable without compromising performance. Tide purclean™ is the first liquid laundry detergent to solve the puzzle. A full 65% of its ingredients (certified by the USDA) come from plants and other renewables. Yet Tide purclean cleans as well as the original — even in energy-saving cold water.

In addition to the new ingredients, Tide purclean is manufactured at a site that uses 100% renewable wind electricity and sends zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

Tide Coldwater: From Corn Leaves to Clean Washing

By innovating with experts at the DuPont Chemical Company, we are turning discarded corn leaves and waste into a key ingredient for Tide Coldwater. It's an industry first; and will repurpose 7,000 tons of agricultural waste a year. The new product will be in market Spring 2017. It is the first brand in the world on a path to blend cellulosic ethanol in a scalable and commercial way. Read more.

Fabric and Home Care

In 2014, we committed to eliminating phosphates from all our laundry detergents while still providing consumers with superior cleaning performance. By the end of 2015, we achieved this goal and are now out of phosphates for our detergents globally.

Tide Coldwater product package


Enough phosphate a farmer would use to cover 270,000 soccer fields — that’s how much will be removed when Fairy dishwashing tablets are phosphate-free within the year. All P&G ADW capsules even have an extra environmental benefit: using them there’s no need to pre-rinse, thus saving about 21 billion liters of water each year equivalent to the water in nearly 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Ariel and Tide Cold Water

Ariel and Tide give consumers a big opportunity to save energy in the home by turning down the temperature dial on every wash, using up to 50% less energy per load than warm washes.

Years of innovation and partnership collaboration helped deliver each product. Each is supported by ongoing advertising and in-store campaigns aimed at helping shoppers understand the sustainability value in cold-water washing—while still getting great performance.

Since 2010, washing in cold has increased from 38% to 61%; our aim is to have 70% of all wash loads done in low energy cycles.

Arial and Tide product packages


Downy teams knew that in Mexico and developing markets, having soft and nice-smelling clothing was a point of pride for moms. So fabric softeners were a staple on laundry day. But they also knew water in these markets was often in scarce supply and typically had to be carried in.

Downy teams worked for 3.5 years with an external partner to develop a formula breakthrough that lets moms rinse just once versus several times, saving from 30-50% in each washing.

Downy Single Rinse supports P&G’s goal of providing 1 billion people access to water efficient products by 2020.

Downy product package

Mr. Clean/Mr. Propre/Mastro Lindro/Flash

While known by different names around the globe, Mr. Clean is known everywhere as an agent of clean. But he also stands for sustainability. The addition of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle brought two innovations to the home.

First, it's a 2.5x compaction, meaning same cleaning power, but in a smaller, concentrated bottle with 45% less packaging and 64% less water.

Second, the Mr. Clean team designed and award-winning cap, ensuring that consumers not accustomed to concentrated formulas would not use too much and thus waste the product and lose value.

Mr. Clean Product Package

Cascade Platinum

Cascade Platinum is a dishwashing product innovation that enables consumers to conserve resources at home. The individual detergent pacs are concentrated, eliminating the need to pre-rinse dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. Skipping pre-wash can save a consumer up to 2,600 gallons of water per year (based on an average of 12.5 gallons of pre-washing water used, with an average of four loads per week).

Cascade product package

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle / Flash 

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle / Flash innovation lead to a 2.5x concentrated formula, which means a smaller package and less materials—45% less plastic and 64% less water.

Mr. Propre product bottle


Consumers will soon see Forest Stewardship Council® label and Rainforest Alliance Certified on packages of Charmin paper products. These independent verifications help consumers identify products from well-managed forests. In fact, 100% of Charmin tissue products come from responsible forests. Plus, for every tree we use, one is re-grown. FSC® certification is based on one of the most stringent standards in the world, and we are proud to make this sustainable choice. 

Charmin product package


Pampers innovation has delivered 70% less packaging and 50% less weight over the last 20 years. In 2015, Pampers in WE moves from "box-to-bags," reducing packaging materials by 80%.

Pampers Baby Dry

Pampers Baby Dry has 16% less material compared to the previous diaper due to its new absorbent core technology. This will have a big positive impact. For instance, by moving to its new technology, manufacturing size 4 diapers in Europe saves 180,000 ton of material—the weight of about 120,000 mid-size cars. It will also save 11% energy, equating to the electric use in 5,000 homes for a year. And it reduces the number of pallets we use by about 85,000. That means we save about 2,600 trucks on the road. All while delivering the outstanding performance of Pampers.

Pampers product package