P&G and DuPont partner to make Tide Coldwater more sustainable

We're thrilled to announce a partnership with American chemicals company DuPont on a more sustainable way to make Tide Coldwater. For context, this move will save enough power each year to do all the laundry in homes across California for over a month.

Corn-based ethanol is a key ingredient in Tide that enhances washing and stabilizes the detergent formula. With this move, we will switch to cellulosic ethanol, which is derived from agricultural waste.

Our partnership with DuPont is the first collaboration of its kind and size in the world, whereby we will repurpose over 7,000 tons of agricultural waste per year.

We believe that actions speak louder than words in the area of sustainability, as this partnership with DuPont demonstrates. As one of the world’s largest laundry manufacturers, we have a responsibility to lead renewable sourcing in our products. We do this by ensuring consumers still get the great Tide laundry performance they want, while further reducing the impact on the environment.

Global changes happen in small steps. Although this initial pilot with Tide Coldwater is limited to North America, it has huge potential for other markets and products—and could be a catalyst for the industry.

In January, we committed to removing phosphates from our laundry products. This partnership is one more step in our journey.