Always Keeping Girls in School

Better futures for girls

Many girls from impoverished backgrounds never learn about puberty and can't afford sanitary pads, which means they miss school or even drop out when they start menstruating. Always is changing this, one girl at a time.

For a girl like this, the onset of puberty often marks a sharp decline in school attendance and could even lead to her dropping out of school completely. One of the reasons for this is the lack of knowledge around puberty and because she cannot afford sanitary protection. She doesn’t understand what is happening to her body, and what should be a celebration of womanhood becomes a time of shame, embarrassment and stigmatisation, with dire consequences for her education and consequently her future. 

The Always Keeping Girls in School programme empowers girls through essential puberty education, motivation, access to educational resources and donations of Always sanitary pads so that they don’t have to miss school and they can be confident about themselves and their futures. 

To date we have reached over 150 000 girls and have donated more than 8 million pads in South Africa and Kenya.

Always Keeping Girls in School